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Our Process

Step One – Design

The initial consultation; what to expect

In your home in Boca Raton FL and the surrounding area, one of our Kitchen Cabinet designers will provide you with a Free Consultation. Here we get a chance to experience your home while you tell us what your dream space looks like. We want to hear your renovation vision, the esthetics and functionalities you prefer. Spending some time with you at your home we’re able to get a sense of how you live, what you care about and how we could design things to help you live even better.

We design some great options

Returning to your home, we take precise measurements of all the space that will be renovated. Then, putting in time and energy, and drawing on our experience and our creativity, we come up with designs and render them in three-dimensions.

The complete showroom design experience

Get ready to be blown away with design options. With true 3D scaled mockups, you get to visualize very realistically what we together have created for your space. We employ 2020 Design Live, the industry leading design software to complete your plans. Everything you may need, from fixtures, appliances, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, to lighting is made available to you. Our showroom is stocked full of beautiful displays and all the materials with different finishes, textures, and colors that you will need to make an informed decision. Don’t worry, we will explain how everything would work with any specific design regarding functionality, lead times, and specific product specs.

During your showroom visit if there’s something you’ve seen elsewhere, and if we don’t have it, we guarantee that we can source it competitively and discuss how to incorporate it.

We’re a full-service renovation company specializing in kitchens, with that said we also work with contractors and DIYs. We invite homeowners and contractors to our showroom and offer special pricing.

We present a final design

Based on your showroom visit, we present a final design for your approval within 24 hours. You have the opportunity to make as many revisions with our design team until you are satisfied. Once you’ve settled on a design, all that’s left to do is give us your design approval and we’re ready for step two.

Step Two – Material Selection

You get to choose from the best

We offer both stock and special-order cabinetry from local and international manufacturers in every style, from modern to traditional. You can have cabinets custom-made in any style, material and finish, including textured and uber fashionable high gloss.

Kitchen and bathroom countertops

We provide all types of countertops, including quartz, porcelain, natural stone, granite, stainless steel, and even concrete. Come see our installed countertops on display and wide variety of stone samples in our showroom.

Kitchen and bathroom tile

We can provide the best porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone, and more. You can choose a timeless classic like subway tile for your kitchen backsplash, or, a custom cut mosaic tile backsplash, or follow suit with the most current trends and continue with the same material on your countertop as a backsplash.

Kitchen and bathroom lighting & Kitchen appliances

We have a boutique inventory of choice appliances and lighting hand-picked by our design team. However, a great option is to browse our catalogs of major brands and manufacturers where you can choose whatever you would like.

Bathroom appliances, fixtures, and accessories

We have a large selection of toilets, sinks, vanities, and mirrors. You will also find luxury items such as saunas, steam showers, spas, whirlpools, advanced jets, tub fillers, and everything else you’ll need for your bathroom.

Step Three – Renovation Installation

We secure all the permits

Getting all the required permits in Palm Beach and Broward Counties can be complicated. But we know how to do it efficiently. We get all residential agreements squared away and any building, electrical and plumbing permits. We make architectural drawings and file these with the proper departments within the counties. We will waive any violations.

(And when the work is done, we have the county/city inspectors sign off that everything was done by code.)


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